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Our Clients

AAE Architects, Inc. (Now GSR Andrade)

Acoustic Design Associates, Inc.

Alliance Geotechnical Group, Inc.

ARS Engineers, Inc.

Benchmark Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Bridgefarmer & Associates, Inc. (Civil / Structural Engineers)

Brown, Brown and Associates Architects

Carter Burgess, Inc. (Now Jacobs)

Charles Gojer & Associates, Inc. (Civil / Structural Engineers)

Collins/Reisenbichler Architects (Now Perkins & Will)

d P (A) Acoustics, Inc.

DAL-TECH Engineering, Inc. (Civil Engineers)

Design Associates International, Inc. (Architects)

Easley & Associates (Structural Engineers)

Fratto Engineering, Inc. (MEP Engineers)

L.A. Fuess

Gallagher Construction, Inc.

Garcia & Associates Engineering, Inc. (Civil Engineers)

Geo-Marine, Inc. (Geotechnical / Environmental Services)

Good Fulton & Farrell Architects

Gorrondona & Associates, Inc. (Land Surveyors / SUE / Utility Coordination / Geotechnical / CMT)

HLM Design (Architects - Now Reese Associates)

IDA Engineering, Inc. (MEP Engineers)

IEA, Inc. (Civil / Structural Engineers)

J. Omar Marrero, Inc. (Civil / Structural / Survey)

Jacobs Group – Dallas Office (Full Service National Transportation)

James Harwick + Partners, Inc. (Architecture)

Peel Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Johnson/McKibben Architects, Inc.

Kennedy-Jenks Consultants

Larsen-Dye Associates Architects

Lee & Baldauf Consulting Engineers, Inc. (Structural Engineers)

LopezGarcia Group (Civil / Structural Engineers / Survey)

Mas-Tek Engineering & Associates, Inc. (Geotechnical / CMT)

Mesa Design Group (Landscape Architects)

NTB, Inc. (Civil / Structural Engineers / Surveyors)

Paragon Project Resources, Inc. (Construction Management)

Piburn & Carson

Pwr Solutions, Inc. (Energy Consultants)

Ronald A. Roberts Associates, Inc. (Structural Engineers)

Rone Engineers, Inc. (Geotechnical / Construction Materials)

Savant Group

Shirmer Engineering Corporation (Fire Protection)

Spencer Design Group (Architects)

STV Incorporated - Dallas Office (Full Service National Transportation)

Teague Nall- & Perkins, Inc. (Civil / Structural Engineers / Surveyors)

Terra-Mar, Inc. (Geotechnical / Construction Materials / Environmental)

The Tittle Luther Partnership, LLP

Vidaud + Associates Incorporated (Architects)

VRX, Inc.

Wendy Lopez & Associates, Inc. (Civil / Structural Engineers / Surveyors)

Zaxon, Inc. (Cost Estimating)

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